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CEO William Delgado Issues Shareholder Letter on Changes in Executive Management, Future Plans

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Ross L. Trevino


As Vice President of Business Development, Mr. Trevino is responsible for originating and executing new companies for GDSI to acquire. Technology, law enforcement, military and transportation industries are the target with companies ranging in size from $10 to 150 million dollars. He also works hand in hand with CEO William Delgado to find new technologies to support existing businesses.

Prior to his work in mergers and acquisitions, Ross has over 20 years of experience as a CEO and Owner for sales & marketing businesses, leading companies from turnaround to long-term success in the US, Canada and throughout Asia. This experience has provided Ross with insight into the concerns of a range of clients.

Mr. Trevino received his Bachelor of Science from Western Illinois University; he also served in the United States Army National Guard.