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CEO William Delgado Issues Shareholder Letter on Changes in Executive Management, Future Plans

GDSI Acquires Privately Held Rontan Group of Brazil

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GDSI’s NACS Vehicles - Mobile Emergency Operations Centers

NACSV specializes in building mobile command & communications specialty vehicles for emergency management, first responders, national security and law enforcement operations.

GDSI Acquires Brazil-Based Rontan Group

GDSI has announced that it has acquired the Rontan Group ("Rontan"), headquartered in Sao Paulo state, Brazil. At an upcoming special meeting, GDSI's board of directors is expected to elect Rontan's CEO, Edigimar A. Maximiliano Jr., Chief Executive Officer of GDSI.

Founded in 1970, privately held Rontan designs, manufactures and delivers emergency warning equipment specifically for public safety organizations and professionals. Rontan exports products to many of the world's most competitive markets, including the United States, Canada, Central and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, Middle East and Africa. The largest specialty vehicles and acoustic and visual signaling equipment company in Latin America, Rontan has earned ISO and TS Certifications, attesting to the quality of its management systems.

With 2014 revenue of R$ 500 million (approximately US$ 128 million), Rontan produces some 5,000 vehicles per month and has approximately 1,200 direct and indirect employees. In 1999, through a partnership with the biggest worldwide manufacturers of vehicles for fire fighters, Rontan became an authorized representative of the Oshkosh Pierce vehicles.

Rontan Telecom is the largest manufacturer and distributor of Motorola radios and communication trunking systems for police forces in Brazil, providing technical assistance on the full line of Motorola radios.

According to a GDSI spokesman, "This exciting transaction represents a significant step forward for GDSI. We have been extremely impressed by Rontan's 45 years of experience and exceptional record of serving customer needs with top-quality products and services – both in Brazil and internationally. Rontan's capabilities create enormous synergies with the specialty vehicles produced by North American Custom Specialty Vehicles (NACSV), GDSI's wholly-owned subsidiary. We're especially delighted that "Max" Maximilliano (Rontan's CEO, Edigimar A. Maximilliano) will serve as GDSI's CEO. Max is an extremely talented and experienced leader, and we're excited about welcoming Max and the entire Rontan team to the growing GDSI family."

"This is a momentous milestone in Rontan's 45-year history," said Edigimar Maximilliano ("Max"), expected to be named GDSI's new CEO. "The combination of Rontan and GDSI – with GDSI's experienced management team and board of directors will help us expand our capabilities while continuing to provide our worldwide customers with world-class products and services. I'm looking forward to leveraging Rontan's extensive experience and international reach to enable the new GDSI team to seize the many profitable growth opportunities envisioned by GDSI's global strategy."

Refer to GDSI's 8-K filing for more details about this transaction.

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William J. Delgado Issues Shareholder Letter Regarding Changes in Executive Management, Near- and Long-Term Plans

William J. Delgado, newly-named Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, has announced the resignation of Richard J. Sullivan as Chairman and CEO of Global Digital Solutions, Inc. along with the resignations of directors Stephanie C. Sullivan and Arthur F. Noterman. Delgado explained the Company's near-term plans are to resolve certain debt items and complete, if possible, the announced acquisition of Brazilian firm, Rontan Group (Rontan Electrometalurgica, LTDA).

According to Delgado, Since May 1, 2012, Global Digital Solutions, Inc. (the "Company") has been focusing on acquisitions of defense and defense-related entities both in the United States and abroad but has been unable to achieve certain key goals during the period.  Delgado announced GDSI has embarked on a program to resolve certain of these issues and revitalize the Company.  The plan includes completing the annual audit and all required filings as well as working closely with trade creditors and debt holders.  Next, the Company will be raising capital to not only pay off the debt but also provide working capital. Delgado said the Company will avoid any toxic financing arrangements as had been done in the past.  He also said the company will be withdrawing its recently-filed Schedule 14-A.

Delgado said GDSI will be reviewing strategic alternatives, including recent negotiations and agreements with Rontan in Brazil. He indicated GDSI’s Management feels strongly the Company has a strong and valid agreement for the purchase of Rontan and will continue to pursue all avenues to complete the transaction per the terms and conditions previously disclosed in the Share Purchase and Sale Agreement of October, 2015. He said the Company is also developing several other strategic initiatives which should be announced soon.  He added that Management will ensure the Company’s disclosures are fair to the investing public and, of course, meet all regulatory guidelines.

Full text of the press release announcing the letter

GDSI Announces Withdrawal of 14A, Shareholder Meeting to Increase Authorized Shares

GDSI’s CEO, William Delgado, also provides updates on other current issues

On June 7th, GDSI announced, effective May 31, 2016, it would be withdrawing its 14A, originally intended to increase the Authorized shares of the Company to 2,000,000,000. “The 14A as proposed was not in the best interest of the shareholders. Instead, the Company is looking at other, non-dilutive types of financing in order to eliminate debt and provide working capital for the Company,” commented GDSI’s CEO, William Delgado.

Delgado added, “The Company is making good progress on the financing. Our primary goals are getting the payables and debt under control. In addition, I want to let the shareholders know the Company will be unable to make any further comments on the Brazilian transaction for a period of 30-60 days. I hope the shareholders will understand the complexity of this transaction and grant us the time needed to properly review it. We continue to pursue sales opportunities for our NACSV group, formerly located in Melbourne, FL.  We are currently researching available leased space in South Florida that can be used to fulfill customer requirements for NACSV-engineered products. The Company is also announcing some new social media directives, including a Facebook page and a Twitter account @infoGDSI to better keep our shareholders informed.”

William J. Delgado Issues Shareholder Letter Regarding Recent SEC Developments and Current Status of Previously-Announced Plans

William J. Delgado, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of GDSI, has released a letter to shareholders announcing the filing of an 8-K regarding an SEC action against the Company and two of its former officers and directors. In addition, the letter provides updated information on previously-communicated issues and initiatives.

Delgado explained the Company filed an 8-K on Tuesday, August 16, 2016 outlining a civil action being brought by the SEC against the Company and two of its former officers and directors. The CEO reported the Company has retained legal counsel to evaluate the complaint and that he expected to provide shareholders with updates on the situation, to the extent allowable by law. Delgado noted the Company’s liability extends only to the alleged acts of these former officers and directors as employees the company and no other personnel, employees or contractors have been so named.

Delgado provided an update on the priority action items he first mentioned in his shareholder letter of May 15, 2016, saying GDSI’s management team has made good progress on cleaning up the Company’s balance sheet and becoming current with our public filings.  He said more specific details on this should be announced sometime in September.

Regarding the announced review of the Company’s strategic alternatives, including recent negotiations and agreements with GDSI’s announced acquisition, Delgado said he, V.P. of Business Development, Ross Trevino, and advisory board member, Matt Kelly, have made substantial progress on this priority project.  The CEO stated, “Unfortunately, we are unable to provide details at this time, both for legal and strategic reasons. I look forward to disclosing our information to you at the appropriate time. Rest assured our management team, including Chief Financial Officer, Jerry Gomolski, and Chief Technology Officer, Gary Gray, are working hard to get all of the work completed.”

Delgado closed by observing, “This summer has been one of the most challenging periods of my entire career. Please know there are significant financial and legal hurdles still in our path; we will be relying on our management experience and will require outside help, i.e. financing, in order to achieve our goals. Your understanding and support is greatly appreciated.”

Full text of the press release announcing the letter


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William J. Delgado, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Global Digital Solutions, Inc., Announces Engagement of Eventus Advisory Group, LLC to Assist GDSI’s Internal Accounting Team

William J. Delgado, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of GDSI, has announced, effective July 24, 2017, that the Board of Directors of the Company has hired Eventus Advisory Group, LLC, Phoenix, AZ, to assist GDSI’s accounting team in its work related to audits and the preparation of the Company’s financial statements, quarterly and annual reports.

Mr. Delgado commented, “I am excited to work with Neil Reithinger, Founder and President of Eventus Advisory Group, LLC, and his team as we begin the process of bringing our financial statements and SEC reporting up to date and compliant. Eventus has a proven record of expertise and results.”

Eventus Advisory Group, LLC is a CFO-services firm that provides finance and accounting expertise and capital advisory services to small- and medium-sized companies, both public and private. The Company’s mission is to complement the core competencies of clients with valuable corporate finance expertise. Eventus helps clients meet their internal financial reporting needs, regulatory requirements and growth objectives by offering a wide variety of services to assist the CEO, CFO and executive team. More information about Eventus, is available at

Full text of the press release

William J. Delgado, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Global Digital Solutions, Inc., Announces Engagement of New Auditor and Provides Updates on Other Current Issues

William J. Delgado, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of GDSI, has announced, effective July 13, 2017, that the Board of Directors of the Company has dismissed the auditing firm of PMB Helin Donovan and subsequently engaged Turner Stone and Company, Dallas, TX. The Company had no issues relating to the performance of the PMB Helin Donovan audits or any disagreements with their accounting practices and decisions. Additional information will be forthcoming in an 8K.

Mr. Delgado commented, “This is the first step in getting the Company SEC-compliant and fully-reporting. Jerry Gomolski, our CFO, has been working on the Company’s financials in preparation of this engagement. Also, I expect to finalize an agreement with an accounting and reporting consultant to assist Jerry in the preparation of the documents within the next week or two. Additional information concerning our progress on all fronts will be disseminated over the next few weeks.”

Full text of the press release